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Becoming a Bridge Troll Intern.

Issue One. Sept 2023.

We all live deeply complex lives.

It is very easy to loose touch with your true nature along the way.

However, the need to find contentment, to be fulfilled, always remains.

Sometimes we just need a little push to remember; to rediscover how to be curious, playful and present - to recall the good in the world & find time for the things that bring us joy.

This zine hopes to provide you with some interactive activities, stories and inspiration to help you to find them, however many times you need.

The things that make us vivid, content individuals.

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Learn/re-learn (2023)

Sit with the trouble that follows you.

The trouble you contain.

Container's breaking,


Dripping & Flooding.

It's heavy. 


Squeeze your upper arms, stretch.

Open the windows & count the birdsong.

Now; name the trouble, grip it and face it head on.

Own it honestly.

Unfold, Solve.

It's not too late to try again.


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Ongoing ceramics work. 

A series of small decorative vessels. Started in November 2022.

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Fledgling residency~Oct, 2022

I remember how I used to see, I carry my childhood around with me. I am blessed to still know the ways of play.  

The land, I feel, is an entity. It knows and welcomes me. 

We observe each other quietly attempting to figure out if we are separate or the same.

It has taken me a while to figure out in words why I do what I do. 

To me the sculpture (named hob) is a playful enactment of rememberings, a form born of losing myself in my imagination. These characters emerge from the child's mind,  amongst bracken dens and vast fields. We were equals and I was a part of their world. In listening and noticing I welcome the trace of memory.

The instinctual movement in the hands brings process into focus, I am mindful about how I forage and process the material of the land. the marks of my hand in the clay denote my presence and connection. The gathering is thoughtful and quiet. On walks I collect sounds, curating them into a soundscape. 

Material is gathered from this local land and that of my own, clay that is dug from the sea on opposite shores, married with the earth of this local woodland. It's important to me to take only what is needed. And after it will be returned.

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