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2023 graduate exhibition.

23rd & 24th September.

'The GAWP Art Weekender is a big celebration of creative talent in Gloucester, and we want to get as many young people, artists, creatives and community members involved as possible.  We’re testing a new model of playful and participatory arts in Gloucester - art you can take part in...

GAWP! @ THIS; graduate exhibition occupying an empty shop. 

Do you want to smell a perfume that has been formulated to attract spirits and ghosts to the wearer as an aid to creativity?

Do you want to have a go at making paper? Do you want free toast? Do you want to know how to make an orchestra out of pens and pencils? Do you want to see art made of cereal!?

Then GAWP! at our pop-up exhibition in Kings Square on Saturday 23rd. For one day only these art pieces, along with lots more fun and interactive works made by recent graduates from Bath, Bristol and Gloucester, will be available to view free of charge from 10am-4pm. Don't expect quiet spaces and white walls....

Come speak to the artists, have a play, get involved or just have a GAWP. We can't wait to see you!' 

​​ -GAWP! | GAS Projects 

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Bath Fringe Arts. 2023

"FaB aims to raise the profile of contemporary visual arts in Bath, provide opportunities for early-career and emerging artists, and put art in unusual places in unexpected ways for people to happen across and interact with.

The FaB team organise a two-week festival of contemporary visual art exhibitions, events and workshops during Bath Fringe Festival in May/June each year. Free for all to attend, occupying empty shops, unusual spaces and making appearances around the streets of Bath" - 

'Stray threads and sludge', curated by Lola Bennet. 26th May- 11th June.

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Local Motion Project,
Carmarthen. 2023

'Ffordd Umlaen' 22nd Feburary

"Ffordd Ymlaen (Streets Ahead) will bring together groups, individuals, mental health organisations, local artists and creative minds to create a vibrant, forward-looking street. The aim is to create a diverse community of all ages, ethnicities, languages, business owners, community volunteers and schools, who will build pride in the area and use creativity to make King Street cleaner, greener, resilient, and better connected. The group envisage transforming the area through artwork and decorations, while regaining a sense of place by emphasising its unique culture and history, developing King Street’s ‘unique selling point’ as an ‘independent treasure trove of culture, legends, and myths’." - 

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i fyny 

i fyny associates program. Oriel Myrddin. February-June 2023.

'A program that features 15 early career artists to be supported through a series of 1:1 mentoring sessions and workshops with some of Wales' leading artists and industry professionals. i fyny aims to support and encourage sector resilience in Wales through the nurturing of creative talent and equipping the successful associates with the skills and opportunities to pursue viable and sustainable careers from a Welsh base. ' 


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Solastalgia pop up Exhibition. 2023 

As apart of the first issue of the Solastalgia zine created by Summer Auty, We were invited by Black Swan arts gallery in Frome to do a pop up exhibition with the work featured in the issue. 

The work featured in the show speaks to both climate grief and the celebration of our natural world; the collective experience of loss and finding hope.

The first issue of the zine's profits goes towards a fundraiser for the Edventure start-up project in Frome. 

Black swan arts, Frome. 2nd of Feburary 2023.

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The Fledgling Residency. Caro Somerset.
2nd-9th of October 2022

"Caro is delighted to introduce Fledgling, a programme that gives rise and attention to new artists and designers, exploring our call to observe and reflect alongside our passion for an education that cultivates creative thinking.  
The annual exhibition will feature work across a variety of disciplines including sculpture, ceramics, textile and painting, either collectively or partly. Each artist in residence will present their work with a show at The Space at Caro, a place for creativity and connection."

My practice has always been a tool that I use to understand my place in the world. Often exploring a state of fragmented belonging and wishing for a shift in our relationship with the natural. 

As an artist resident on the Fledgling programme at Caro, I am presented with an opportunity to collaborate and connect with nature. I will create a sculpture using entirely foraged materials, whilst listening to the sounds of the land. The hope is to quietly watch and listen to what it's trying to teach me. To translate what I learn into a form.  As with everything in life, the sculpture will have a temporary existence. After being allowed to play and explore with the clay, I will give back to the earth what was borrowed.

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Graduate Exhibition. Bath Spa University. Locksbrooke campus. 17th- 27th of June

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